Lajmi i Fundit nga Russia !! 3 Video qe do ju lene pa fjale (VIDEO)

Russian meteor: Estimated 1200 people hurt
Nearly 1,000 injured as meteor streaks through Russian skies
EXPLOSIONS in the sky smashed windows, set off car alarms, disrupted phone signals and injured as many as 1000 people
Residents of Cheliabinskit, a city in the southern part of the Russian Urals were witnessing the fall of a meteorite that for a few minutes illuminated the sky, caused panic among people and memory risolli in many scenes of the movie Armageddon.
Heavenly body, by getting in touch with the atmosphere was divided into dozens of pieces and donated spectacle except for local residents, caused hundreds of injuries and material damage. According to witnesses, the blast was so powerful it was felt shaking in a 19-storey building. Interfax reports for more than 1 200 people injured by pieces of broken glass.
Residents of Cheliabinskut speak broken window glass, car alarms enabled and swinging light housing. Russian authorities announced that the terraces of 600 meter / meters of a factory collapsed. Meteorite fell about 09:20 pm local time. In addition to the injured, two of them in serious condition in hospital, strikes also destroyed telecommunication network.
Fallen meteorite traces can be seen in Yekaterinburg, a small town about 200 kilometers south-east of Cheliabinskit.
Initially gained notoriety for the “meteor shower”, but Russian authorities explained that it was only one that later split. “A meteor exploded over the skies of Cheliabinskut region,” said Emergencies Ministry spokesman Interfax news agency while a local resident told Reuters he had heard a strong explosion in the early hours of Friday morning.
While the Russians and not only they, have begun work to determine if the meteor that hit Russia concerns over asteroid 2012 DA14 expected to travel at a distance close enough to the Earth during the day.

Kim Kardashian foto te nxehta....(FOTO)

Kim Kardashian takes a walk down Memory Lane with sexy snaps of her past lookskim kardashian looks stunning as she posts a series of images showing off some of her past hairstyles.
The curvaceous reality TV star uploaded the sexy snaps to her Instagram account while also showing off her pre-pregnancy figure.
Kim, 32, strikes a sultry pose in a skimpy grey zip-up bra-let and PVC pencil skirt as she leans against a block in one shot.
Sultry pose … Kim
And another shows her laying seductively across the box with her tanned legs stretched out as she pouts for the camera.
Kim mentioned her long glossy locks in as she added them with the caption: “Straight hair don’t care.”
Behind the scenes … Kim flashes her toned body

Funny … Kim’s Cameron Diaz imitation

Deklarata e Noizy-t për s eks, këngëtaret heshtin

NOIZYTUNALast week within the supplement "Bluetooth" was revealed interview Noizy-t, wherever the rapper expressed that he had had sex with many outstanding scenes as Tuna and Adelina. He even went additional showing intimacy details, just like the incontrovertible fact that the bed they were wild. This statement was one commented news throughout the week, that mentioned singers have passed heshtje.Tuna most popular to stay silent and not create any investigate this issue, attempting to pass with as very little fuss , despite the fact that many of us and her colleagues aforementioned that whereas she and Noizy-n were a part of "The Sun" on Top-Channel, it had been clear tenderness between the 2. whereas Adelina Tahiri, in AN interview given to "Mapo" explained the event in its version. She aforementioned with conviction that has nothing to try and do with this news, as Noizy-n merely respects as creative person and co have met solely doubly.

Shiu i meteorëve bën kërdi në Rusi, 950 të plagosur (VIDEO)

rusi shi
RUSSIA-An uncommon event happened in Russia this morning. A series of explosions transpire within the skies of the mountain range, inflicting a falling meteor, that remained disjointed 950 folks, of whom 156 square measure youngsters. in line with info from the Russian Interior Ministry according fourteen of them are hospitalized. in line with a similar sources doesn't hurt that endanger life. Most of the wounded were disjointed by breaking glass.

This has sparked panic in three cities, wherever buildings barrel, window panes were broken and didn't work phone networks.

People frightened declared that the blast was terribly loud, it absolutely was like associate earthquake. Others same they'd seen burnt objects fall to the bottom. "I was away at work, outside was quite dark, suddenly became as bright and straight off became a day" same one resident Jekaterinburg within the range.

As Unveils Ansa, Civil Defence has been sent to the scene twenty thousand within the six cities that have had injury. Most of the wounded - of that no serious condition - square measure smitten from window panes. All faculties and asylums of the province were closed. The development was registered in Tyumen, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk province and in Kazak.

According to astronomy knowledgeable Andrea Milani of the University of city in Italian Republic, specializing in accounts ateroidëve orbits nearer to Earth: "There isn't any association between meteorites rain in Russia and near  crossing asteroid 2012 DA14. Between the 2 events, there's no association, as a result of between the 2 phenomena encompasses a distance of twenty four hours, "he said.

While President solon and Prime Medviedev, United Nations agency were watching for the cluster of twenty finance ministers in national capital, was declared shortly for the event. the subsequent square measure expected to be according precisely the range of disjointed and also the measures to be taken.

Super femrat e momentit ja si ishin ne femijeri (Foto)

Look how they were once super women present in the image below you can find major changes or in some cases as if they had not changed at all, see the picture that we have been able to collect. 
View picture:

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This is the happiest girl in the world ( VIDEO )

Look at the happiest girl in the world, we do not know all she derives happiness, But girls in the mood than ever....
Show this video and happy for year :D


Ca is not in this Photo

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